Newway Travel is proud to present to our respected partners and customers our core values of Understanding – Professionalism – Sustainability.


We endeavor to understand the needs and interests of our customers. This is also a starting point for us to build following steps, thoroughly require our staff to raise their awareness about the tourism industry in general and our customers in particular. By this way, we can assure all of our products meeting the needs of each customer.


A tour cannot be fully created and experienced without professionalism. In the tourism market, the accuracy of time, agenda, and details are indispensable and increasingly required. We provide tour travel services, transportation that always ensure punctuality and put safety of customers at first. In our offices, every tasks are also carried out following our professional process and standards.


We aim for a long-term sustainable development. In order to do that, we always focus on the human resources. We try to maintain a favorable environment to encourage everyone to train and bring out their best abilities with a cooperation-supporting mechanism.