Newway Travel is established with the goal of growing high quality services that meets international standards. With our a wide network of transportation services, we has been continuously improve our services and tour product to satisfy each and every of our customers.  Throughout years of efforts and commitment, we have accompanied our customers to discover new lands and shared memorable experiences.


Newway Travel acknowledge the benefits of sustainable relationships based on mutual trust. We are committed to providing the core values ​​of high quality travel that meets international standards. Our high level of service and professionalism will never be compromised, regardless of the client or destination. Accordingly, we are committed to offer:

Safety for our clients, employees, and the community

Safety is a high priority.  Newway Travel strives to ensure a highest level of safety for our clients by being constantly informed of local realities; by carefully choosing destinations, accommodations and means of transportation, and by providing advice on all safety issues relevant to each particular trip.

Use of Expert & Licensed Local Tour Guides

Our friendly and experienced local tour guides are the keys to make value of your trips. We are ensure 100% our local tour guide are experience and full license guaranteed by Vietnam’s Ministry of Tourism. Only the highest quality guides will accompany you on your trip through each destinations.

World-Class Customer Services

Providing exciting travel experiences for our clients is our target, which we have been carrying out passionately. Our most important objective is that our customers want us to accompany them in the future. To do that, we wish to share new perspectives and inspiration to travelers. All of our tours and package have been carefully done to world-class services. We try our best to ensure that the local people benefit as well as minimize negative environmental impacts on the destinations.