Binara Poya Day is a public holiday in Sri Lanka. A full moon day is known as a Poya. In the period of September Binara Full Moon Poya Day praises the Buddha’s visit to paradise. It was during this visit in paradise that the Buddha lectured his mom and to the heavenly multitude. Indeed, even before the introduction of Buddhism, Asian priests in the antiquated times, when calendars were not designed yet, cease worldly pursuits and engage in religious activities during full moon days.

Afterward, the Buddha embraced this training. This practice built up the proclaiming of the Buddhist writings and critiques in the religious communities and sanctuaries on full moon Poya days. The Venerable Arahat Mahinda Thero acquainted Buddhism with this nation in 247 BC and he presented the Poya custom. All around the world the Full moon is important to Buddhists. The Buddhists have embraced the Lunar Calendar for their religious observances.

Inferable from the moon’s totality and its brilliant excellence, the Poya day is dealt with as the most propitious of the lunar stages. A poya day is a religious recognition day. The term poya in Sinhala is gotten from the Pali and Sanskrit signifying “quick day.” For the Buddhists’ confession booth customs and collective discussing the code of teach, the priests utilize the month to month moonless day and the full-moon day. Nearby enthusiasts watch the day by going by sanctuaries for love of the Sri Lanka Binara Poya Day traditions, customs and activities.

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