This festival is held at Tamshing Lungrub Chholing Lhakhang (Temple of Good Message) in the central valley of Bumthang. The temple was built by the great Tertoen Pema Lingpa (Treasure Discoverer) in 1501. It is a very important monastery of the Nyingma sect of Buddhism.A variety of traditional and mask dances each bearing significant importances are performed by monks in the outside courtyard of the temple. The trip can be designed as a cultural goldmine combining attractions that are the best of Bhutan. The trip should start in Paro valley, and them to Thimphu and Punakha valley in western Bhutan, then continue to central Bhutan through Phobjikha and Trongsa valelys to reach the central heartland of Bumthang. We recommend including a domestic flight back to Paro and end the trip with the iconic Tiger’s Nest monastery. The trip will take at least 10-11 days.


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