Before traveling to a certain place, it is important to acknowledge some basic information about the safety situation in that destination. If Vietnam is your choice this vacation, then you should read on the whole article here as we will give you what you need to know about safety in Vietnam before going.

In general, Vietnam is a safe country for visitors, including women who travel alone. In fact, many travelers are pleasantly surprised at the warm reception that international travelers receive. Threats of violence and fights are rarely here. That being said, Vietnam is a developing country with high level of poverty, so petty crime could be a problem, especially in large cities. As with anywhere else, you should warrant that your room is locked and in case you have valuable items, make sure that you keep them safely. You should walk around with the wallet or purse in your hand, or handbag hanging off the arm. Likewise keep expensive gadgets out of sight, not only for the risk of crime but out of respect for those people around who could not afford such luxuries.

SAFETY IN VIETNAM- Things to know before travel

Here are some common safety issues you might want to pay attention while traveling in Vietnam:

Petty theft

One of the most popular safety in Vietnam and other tourists attractions is petty theft, especially in the big cities. Refrain from extending cameras and cellphones on busy streets and corners: most robberies are drive-by snatchings. When taking pictures on sidewalks, keep your camera close to your body and away from the flow of traffic.

Women in particular should be warned to keep a tight grip on their bags and purses when walking in Ho Chi Minh City. When riding a motorcycle, place your bags in the seat compartment or hook them in the front of the bike. Bags carried around the shoulder or in bike baskets can easily be snatched.

When staying in hotels and guesthouses, place your valuables in the safe or lock them in your bags before leaving your room. It is a good idea in general to be mindful of your valuables, keep a close eye on your bags and not to flaunt large amounts of cash or expensive gadgets in rural areas.

SAFETY IN VIETNAM- Things to know before travel 2

Taxi scams

Taxi scams in Vietnam take the form of rigged meters, overcharging, confusing currency and fixed prices. Two trusted companies you can rely on are Mai Linh and Vinasun. Both of these taxi companies have new vehicles and sealed metres, they also have a pick-up service that works in most Vietnamese towns and cities. You can look for them as soon as you land in Vietnam’s international airports.

Tourist Scams

Vietnam is constantly improving its tourism services, however there are still some agents and independent operators who flout the rules. When booking cruises on Halong Bay, always go with reputed companies. For tours around Vietnam, book with vetted travel agents as opposed to hole-in-the-wall establishments to avoid being scammed.

For Female Travellers

Vietnam is generally a safe country to travel and female travelers will find themselves welcome. The Vietnamese are still quite conservative, so it’s best to respect the local culture by not baring too much skin. Solo female travelers can expect to be approached with questions about why they are traveling alone. The enquiries are usually harmless and borne out of curiosity. Crime against women is uncommon in Vietnam. Nonetheless it’s wise to not be alone on the streets late at night, and to take a taxi if you’re heading back late.

SAFETY IN VIETNAM- Things to know before travel

Driving And Traffic

Generally, the roads in Vietnam, particularly in busy cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are dangerous, and the quantity of fatal accidents is very alarming. The style of driving in Vietnam is different to that of the USA or Europe, and it is not recommended for short-term travelers to drive a certain vehicle on the road of Vietnam as it is almost impossible to adapt to the driving techniques of the locals in just a few weeks.

While driving motorbikes, helmets are required by law and it will be very foolish to travel without it. A large number of the deaths in this country are from brain injuries. It is mainly because of riders either not wearing a helmet properly or not wearing it at all.

All in all, Vietnam is a safe country to travel in nowadays. The local police keep a rather tight grip on social order and there are rare reports about muggings, sexual assaults, or robberies.

Besides safety in Vietnam, it’s also necessary to know about common health issues in the destination. Click here to find out more about health tips in Vietnam for travelers.

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